HTML Marquees

This page contains HTML marquee code that you can copy and paste to create your own marquees.

Sometimes you might want your text or photos to continuously "scroll" across the screen. Or maybe you'd like it to zoom in from the side, then stay there. Or perhaps you'd like it to bounce back and forth across the screen. All these things are possible using HTML marquees.

HTML marquees are a piece of code that allows you to create movement on an HTML element. Usually marquees continuously scroll across the screen, but you can make it do other things too.

Scrolling Text

Here's an example of what you can do with the HTML <marquee> tags.

Source CodeResult
This text is surrounded by HTML 'marquee' tags...

In the above example, everything between the <marquee></marquee> tags scrolls across the page. In this example, we only put text into the marquee, but we could just have easily put an image into it.

Scrolling Image

Here's an example of a scrolling image. All we did was place HTML image code in between the <marquee></marquee> tags.

Source CodeResult
Swimming fish

Usability of Marquees

You should be careful when using marquees in HTML. Many web users dislike websites that contain scrolling text and other elements, so try to use them tastefully :)

Also note that the <marquee> tag is not part of the official HTML specification. Having said that, it is recognized by most major browsers.

More Marquee Codes

You can do much more with HTML marquees than is covered on this page. Here's the full list of marquee codes on this website:

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