HTML Editors

HTML editors are an integral part of creating websites. Whether you like to code your own HTML, or prefer to simply click and drag elements around the page, a good HTML editor will make your life easier.

You can use any of the online HTML editors on this website, or if you prefer, you can download a commercial HTML editor for use on your own computer.

Free Editor

This free HTML editor lets you create HTML codes for your website or blog. Click on the "Source" button to view the generated code. Also see the Full HTML Editor which has more buttons, and check out our range of HTML Generators.

More Online Editors

The following HTML editors are also available for free.

Offline Editor

An offline editor allows you to create websites directly from your own computer (as opposed to generating the HTML online, then copy/pasting like an online editor). A good offline HTML editor will provide you with a vast array of functionality that you can configure to your own personal liking.

KompoZer, CoffeeCup, and HTML-Kit are popular HTML editors that contain features that you'd expect in most HTML editors, plus a few more. Typical features include HTML and CSS support, split screen view, HTML entities library, built-in FTP client and more.

Online Website Builder

Also try this online website builder at our partner site, ZappyHost. This is a "one-stop-shop" for building your own website. Using this option, you don't need to keep a copy of your website on your own computer - you can maintain your website from any computer. Also, you don't even need to know HTML. The website builder uses a "point and click" method and generates all the HTML behind the scenes.

About The Online HTML Editors

The online HTML editors on this website are known as "CKEditor", which can be downloaded from the CKEditor website. It is distributed under the GPL, LGPL, and MPL open source licences.