HTML Link Editor

Use the following HTML link editor to create links to other web pages. In HTML, links are created using the <a> tag. The link editor below automatically creates this tag when you use it to create a link.

Also see the HTML Link Generator.

Understanding the Toolbar

If you have trouble understanding the buttons on the toolbar, just hover over the button - a tooltip will pop up.

In case you don't see the tooltip, here's what the icons stand for (in order of the icons):

  1. Link
    Creates a hyperlink to a URL, email address, or an anchor within the same page.
  2. Unlink
    Unlinks an existing link. Simply select an existing link and click this button.
  3. Anchor
    This enables you to link to another part of the same web page. It requires the following steps.
    1. Place the cursor at the point in the web page that you'd like the anchor (i.e. the point to where the browser will jump to after the user clicks a link)
    2. Click the "Anchor" button
    3. Create a name for the anchor (i.e. "anchor1" or preferrably, something more descriptive)
    Once you've created the anchor, you can now link to that anchor anywhere else in the page. To do this:
    1. Highlight some text at another point in the document (usually prior to the anchor)
    2. Click the "Link" button
    3. Set the "Link Type" to "Link to anchor in the text"
    4. Use the drop down menu to select the name of your anchor (eg, "anchor1")
    That's all it takes! When you view the source code, you'll see the anchor has been created and the link to the anchor has been created.
  4. Source Code
    Displays the HTML code created by the generator.

HTML Link Codes

You may also be interested in these copy/paste HTML link codes.

About The Online HTML Editors

The online HTML editors on this website are known as "CKEditor", which can be downloaded from the CKEditor website. It is distributed under the GPL, LGPL, and MPL open source licences.