HTML Euro Code

This page contains HTML code for adding the "euro" symbol to a website or blog.

To display the euro symbol within a website's text, you need to use the relevant character entity reference. This is because the euro is a special character. Most keyboards don't have a euro key, and you shouldn't copy and paste the euro symbol from another source (more on this below).

To display the euro symbol on an HTML page, you can use either the entity number or its name.

HTML Entity Number

Here's how you use the HTML entity number to display the euro symbol on a webpage.

Source CodeResult

HTML Entity Name

Here's how you use the HTML entity name.

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Here's an example of the euro symbol being used within a sentence. We've also added some styles to increase the text size and change its color.

Source CodeResult

This beachside apartment can be yours for only €100 Million!

Warning About Copy/Paste

Avoid "copy and pasting" a euro symbol from another source (for example a Word document or PDF) into your blog or website. This could result in the euro symbol not appearing correctly for your users.

You should always use one of the HTML entities on this page to ensure that the euro sign appears correctly for your users.

About HTML Entities

HTML entities are used in HTML when you need to display a special character on a web page. These are often characters or symbols that can't easily be typed into a keyboard.

Check out this list of special characters for a comprehensive list of HTML entities.